Our designers will answer your questions, interpret and streamline your wants and needs, assist in decision making, and organize the design project. With their experience and expertise, our designers will guide you in all areas. Our design team will make the space you’ve always dreamed of become a reality.

Our company provides free initial designs and consultations. We strive to provide you with cabinetry and installers that suit your needs, so that you can achieve the end goal of your project. However, we understand that we may not be able to be all things to all people, and if a client thinks our company is not a “perfect fit”, we would encourage viewing all other options available.


If you already have a design for your project, we would be happy to provide you a price quotation based on your design at no cost to you. We also have an extensive selection of many other products for purchase, such as ceramic tile for your backsplash, new hardware for your cabinets, or a faucet for your bathroom.


We are a full service showroom that is able to provide the needed materials in your remodeling projects, as well as install them. We have installers for many types of products, from heated ceramic tile floors, to under-cabinet lighting, to shower faucets. The experience we have working with various types of contractors allows us to choose the best, most reliable people to complete your job. All of the installers that will work on your project are licensed and insured.