kitchen remodeling tipsKitchens are the most popular room to remodel, according to Houzz.

And no wonder. Kitchens are the heart of the home. Upgrading your kitchen can effectively give your whole home a face-lift by association. So much so that you may even enjoy spending time at home more!

Additionally, kitchen remodels have been shown to offer the highest return on investment of all home upgrades. Making a kitchen remodel is a smart money move, but remodels can also eat up time, money, and prove to be stressful. Which is why we want to share these kitchen remodeling tips with you. So that you can approach your remodel like a pro, with a few smart tricks up your sleeve.

Read on to find out what these are.

  1. Factor in the Neighborhood and the Rest of the House

One of the first things to do when preparing for a kitchen remodel is to consider how much to spend. And on what.

A great way to make sure that you can recoup what you put in when you want to sell your home is to consider the neighborhood.

For example, a custom kitchen can have a big impact on your home’s resale value. However, only if it is keeping with the rest of the house and neighborhood. If the entirety of the house is fitted with high-end features, then you will be likely to increase your resale value.

If, on the other hand, the rest of the house is constructed in a basic and budget-friendly manner, and so are the houses around it, then you may not be able to make up the expense of a custom kitchen or other expensive kitchen remodeling features.

The same is true for budget slashing materials and designs. If your home is fitted with state of the art features and is in a high-end area, going for laminate counter-tops could decrease the value of your whole house.

  1. Distinguish Between Wants and Needs

A great way to stick within your budget and get outstanding results is to make a list of needs and wants. This way you can distinguish the non-negotiables, which can receive priority.

The list of wants can then fall neatly into second place to be implemented if budget and space allow for it.

  1. Plan Your Countertops Smartly

Another smart move you can make is with your countertops. This one won’t save you money, but it will save you time and frustration in the kitchen.

When replacing counters and planning the layout of your new kitchen, be sure to incorporate ‘landing areas’ around hot spot work zones. These include places like the stove, the sink and perhaps even the microwave. Around each of these areas, it is wise to plan in ample counter space to optimize your workflow in the kitchen.

If you are undertaking this big of a remodel, it could also be wise to consider working with a contractor. If you are wondering whether professional kitchen remodel contractors are worth using, this is this type of complicated remodeling work where a contractor can save you time and money.

  1. Go Lux on Hardware

Laying out the cash for high-end hardware will give your remodeled kitchen a ‘finished off’ high-quality look, but, at the same time, top-shelf hardware such as solid stainless steel cabinet handles will not impact your budget as much as other high-quality items and materials that are larger.

  1. Don’t Skimp on the Faucet

Another area to splurge on if you want to achieve a high-end look on a budget is the faucet. Although completely functional, faucets invariably are an automatic focal point of a kitchen. Thanks to their height and shape they tend to stand out.

What you want to do is make sure that this is in a good way – by selecting a high-quality faucet that screams class from a mile away.

Not only will you achieve a luxurious look for your whole kitchen, while paying insubstantially more for the faucet, you will also enjoy the benefit of having a state of the art faucet to use every day.

  1. Invest in Lighting

What is the point of achieving one of the best kitchen remodels, if it’s not shown off to its best? Lighting can play a key role in how a room looks. So you want to make sure that the lighting that you choose for your new kitchen is of good quality.

For the perfect combination of lighting, go for a mixture of recessed lights, under cabinet lights and pendant lights.

Now You Are Privy to Our Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Planning a kitchen remodel is an exciting project. But it can also get stressful. Fortunately, now that you are armed with these magical kitchen remodeling tips, you will be able to undertake the remodel of your kitchen – the smart way.

If you happen to be living in the greater Indianapolis area and want to go pro with your kitchen remodel, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can also check out some of our completed kitchen remodels to get inspired.

And before you start your project, make sure that you read our tips on living through a kitchen remodel. You may find them invaluable while your kitchen is a work site!